1983/3 Obtained Master’s degree from Graduate School of Electronic Engineering,University of Tokyo.
Studied at MIT(1981-1982) as an exchange student during master’s course.
1983/4 Joined Sony Corporation and involved in the projects to develop and productize communication terminals and systems such as satellite data distribution system and video conference system utilizing ISDN, satellite networks and IP networks.
2000 Received the prestigious “Implemented Invention Award” for IEEE 1394(iLink) BUS Management Method.
2010/5 Engaged in a project to explore new business in India.
2012/10 Resigned from Sony.
2013/1 Founded LinkWorlds Japan Inc. and currently serving as a managing director, president and CEO.
2010 Passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test
A member of The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language.

Associate Professor, Musashino University

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Musashino University Kaoru Fujimoto (in Japanese)