About JLPT Online Preparation Course

JLPT Online Preparation Course is a preparation course for JLPT which you can take on a one on one basis. You can take online courses after you take practice tests. The courses will open on May 1st.

  • Your weak points can be reinforced in a short period before JLPT.
  • You can take one on one lessons anytime anywhere you are convenient
  • Courses by well known teachers are planned to be given.

Steps to take JLPT preparation course

Step1 Application for counselling

Please send a blank mail with its subject, “counselling”, to the address which is written in the letter for advice of the mock exam course.
You can receive an e-mail to set up a date and time of the counselling from our counselor. Please communication with the counselor to fix the date and time for counselling. Counselling is conducted using Web conference system, WebEx from Cisco.

Step2 Counselling (for free)

Please consult with a counselor regarding the way to study to prepare for JLPT test and how often you should take online lessons. Then please agree with the counselor on the date and time of the week to take lessons, the duration of each lessen, and the total number of hours of lessons . The duration of a lesson can be either 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours. You can decide the number of lessons freely. Counselling is conducted in English but it is possible to be given in Japanese.

Step3 Online payment

Please pay for the tuition for hours of preparation course which is agreed with a counselor at the “Pay here” part below. It is possible to pay not all at once but at a couple of times.

Step4 Taking online preparation course

Please take online preparation course every week at the date and time which is agreed with the counselor every week. The same teacher will support you till JLPT test responsibly. However it does not mean to guarantee that you can pass JLPT.