Top advantages of JLink


Joyful classes

Online classes connected through the network are joyful. Experience them through free trial classes. Economical pricing is realized, because teachers teach classes at home.


Flexible schedule for online classes

It is possible to take classes at your desk, in the office, or at home. It is possible to take classes in the early morning, throughout the day, or even late at night.


Quick learning

It is possible to master the Japanese language for business in a short period by utilizing original curriculum and texts and through careful instructions by well-versed Japanese teachers.

From anywhere around the globle

You can take classes from anywhere around the globe, at home or in the office, with a PC and internet.



You can join classes from anywhere

You can enjoy the availability of our classes with the ease of accessing them from either your home or from your office.
You can have between 1 and 6 people join in a class at one time.

Course Structure

Unique course structure

Online courses of JLink consist of “Lessons” and “Chat rooms”.
“Lessons” are online classes which rich experienced Japanese language teachers teach and they are designed to master the basic knowledge of characters, words, and grammar efficiently.
“Chat rooms” are virtual rooms for practicing conversation. You can apply the knowledge studied in lessons to the free conversation.
We combine “Lessons” and “Chat rooms” and offer them in a very effective manner.

You can master Japanese language efficiently from the beginners level to the practical lever while having fun.




We provide the environment for learning which is almost equivalent to real classrooms

  • Group lessons with 4 to 6 learners
  • Two times a week , 90min per one lesson
  • One lesson is mainly for mastering the grammar and one lesson is mainly for practicing.

Texts on the PC screen of a teacher is shared among learners using desk top sharing function.

You can download the texts from the moodle server and have them print out.


It is possible to share hand written characters and drawings by white board sharing function.


Web conference system, WebEx ( is used for online classes.
Cisco’s WebEx is used for web conferences, training, etc. all over the world.

The steps to start classes


Fill out the inquiry form


Contact from LinkWorlds Japan Inc. Set up a schedule of trial lesson (1.5H)


Take a trial lesson


Official application and contract


Start classes