Personal Information

We recognize the personal information of the users which we have acquired while pursuing online education services as one of the most important assets and, based on the following policies, we declare that we do our best for the appropriate handling and protection of the personal information.

■The observance of laws and ordinances about the personal information protection and rules
We observe laws, ordinances and norms about the protection of the personal information and deal with personal information appropriately.

■The acquisition of the personal information
On the occasion of the acquisition of the personal information, we make an effort to clarify the purpose of use and perform it by legitimate and fair means.

■The use of the personal information
We use the personal information for the purpose of use which was shown when it was acquired and for its rational relevant range as far as it is necessary for the accomplishment of duties.

■The joint use of the personal information
When we use the personal information jointly with a third party or when we entrust a third party with handling of the personal information, we perform supervision to carry out the appropriate use of the personal information for an opponent of the joint use and a third party.

■Third party offer of the personal information
We do not offer personal information to the third party without obtaining the person’s consent beforehand except when it is legally regulated and except for the consigned management company of this web site.

■Management of the personal information
We make an effort to carry out necessary and appropriate information security measures to keep accuracy and currentness of the personal information, to build the system to carry out the appropriate handling and management, and to prevent loss, manipulation, or a leak. of the personal information

■Disclosure, correction, suspension, removal of the personal information
We cope demands such as disclosure, a correction, suspension, the removal about personal information according to laws and ordinances only when it is confirmed that the demand is from the person himself or herself.