Smart J Basic ロゴ

Best combination of e-learning and tutoring

Our instructors will support your e-Learning of Japanese language using smartphone, tablet or PC by live online classes

Why is such an effective and economical Japanese program available?


It’s available to study Japanese anywhere in the world according to your studying pace. Also, you can study Japanese even in offline mode, if you download our application in advance.


It’s available to study Japanese economically due to reduced teaching time by instructors that would impact the cost of each lesson.

Available to study Japanese anytime and anywhere.

Being able to study Japanese anytime and anywhere is a great benefit of e-learning. You are able to effectively advance your Japanese study during a commute or break time by any mobile device like your smartphone.

Furthermore, it is a great benefit to be able to study using the same intuitive GUI on both mobile devices and PC. You can study Japanese at your office or school, and continue studying at your home. You can get such great benefits from studying Japanese with us.

Live online classes for studying Japanese

The benefits of taking live online Japanese lessons are that it doesn’t matter where you are. You can attend our lessons anywhere in the world if the network is available.

You can effectively use your time by taking lessons at your office, your home, or anywhere you want without going to a school.

Furthermore, our instructors are very professional instructors who are located in Japan and all over the world. Also, you can take high level lessons with dedicate and supportive instructors at any convenient location.

An example of the study based on Smart J Basic

Due to shorter lesson hours, it’s possible to greatly reduce the cost of tuition for lessons.


Smart J Basic / Smart J Basic

This course is to reach the level of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N4 and N5 within 4 months.


  • All 15 lessons
  • Available to study by smartphone on Android or IOS,and PC.
  • Available to use in offline mode if you use a smartphone.

Live online classes

  • The lesson term will be twice a week for 17 weeks. Each lesson will be one hour.
  • You will be able to deepen your Japanese knowledge which you acquired by e-Learning and master conversation, reading, and writing skills through basic and live discussion classes.

Effective Japanese lessons by various instructors.

The best instructors will show the best way.

Level Live online class for studying Japanese Chat room (conversation class)
beginner level to advanced level
【Japanese test (JLPT) upper level N4】
Japanese instructors who are familiar with Japanese business Conversation practice with Japanese experts, retired workers, etc., from various professional fields designated by the learner.
Entry level 【Japanese test (JLPT) to level N5】 Japanese instructors who can speak English (your native language) MC (International Students who are from the same nationality and speak Japanese fluently) support you to practice conversation.

In the entry level, MC will continually support your Japanese learning in English (your native language).

Constant Japanese training before and after your visit to Japan

Provides enough effective program before your visit to Japan which enables smooth start up of your life in Japan.

Japanese study environment using Cisco WebEx with high seculity

It is safe to use it even if you have business communication training where high business security is required.

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