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Improve communication skills which is definitely necessary for foreigner employees at your office.

By using our training, we help you communicate smoothly with foreigner employees at your office and help you understand the Japanese mind and work ethic.

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Foreign employees who are upper Level JLPT N2.


Business Communication Training which focus on learning business etiquette in Japan

1.This course’s case studies were supervised by Professor Aya Kondo at Reitaku University, an expert in business communication and our adviser on this Smart J Pro Application.

group discussion

This course was supervised by Professor Aya Kondo at Reitaku University, an expert in business communication and our adviser on this Smart J Pro Application.
Professor Kondo developed case studies which include discussions among foreigners finding solutions when foreign employees have problems after starting to work at a Japanese company.
The solutions that foreign employees learned will be useful at the office, and in addition, it’s important for foreign employees to understand the Japanese mind and work ethic through group discussions.
It will provide a better communication environment with foreign employees at your office.
Only our company provides these unique case study exercise online programs. Please get these great benefits.

2. Master business communication skills useful for a variety of business situations.

It’s available for your foreign employees to learn business communication skills that are required in various business situations, such as how to call others and answer the phone, visit other companies, and so on. Also, it’s available to more effectively master professional expressions which are required at your company.

business seen

Training example:

  • Converse in basic business situations such as calling and answering by phone and so on.
  • Role-play in each business situation
  • Business etiquette, such as how to give a business card.
  • Honorific language
  • How to make and read business documents and emails.
  • Professional expressions which are required at your office.

and so on.

3.Monitor training progress

online discussion

Training through our company, Link World Japan is available to take group trainings that get together at the same location. Also, it’s a great benefit to provide our training programs online to your foreign employees wherever they are.
For example, it’s available to take training online without getting together at your head office even if the trainer is at your branch office.
Furthermore, this online training program is available to the person in charge of HR, the manager for training, everyone and anyone can join and monitor this.
We will continue to improve this training program using your advice and opinions.

Japanese classes to improve your Japanese skills effectively with a variety of teachers

Perfect instructors will show the best way for you.

Level Live online lessons for Japanese learning Chat room (conversation class)
Beginner to advanced level 【Japanese test (JLPT) upper Level N4】 Professional Japanese instructors who are experts in business situations will communicate in Japanese Conversation practice with Japanese experts, retired workers, etc., from various professional fields designated by the learner.
Entry level
【Japanese test (JLPT) to level N5】
Japanese instructors who can speak English (your native language) MC (International Students who are from the same nationality and speak Japanese fluently) support you to practice conversation.

In the entry level, MC will continually support your Japanese learning in English (your native language).

image of learning schedule

Constant Japanese training before your visit to Japan and after returning

Makes you feel very fulfilled studying Japanese with the continuous curriculum and helps you smoothly start up your life in Japan.

Japanese study environment with high security using Cisco WebEx

It is safe to use it even if you have business communication trainings which high business security is required.

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